Nicole Beutler

Actress and Screenwriter


Upcoming Projects:

  • Pre-production of the short film 'ENERGY'. Short film written by Nicole Beutler / This short film will be shot in spring 2019. More information on              


  • Teaser for the short film 'Energy' was shot on the 13.10.18. Crowd funding page will soon be uploaded.
  • Demoreel with actress Petra Effinger will be released in November 2018
  • Talentscreen Awards: The jury of Talentscreen awards selected Nicole as one of the best 15 actors of over 200 young contestants. She won an award price to work with professionals.
  • Commercial for the PH Zurich now online





  • September 2018 | Bank Vontobel AG / Friend / Production: Filmbreeding / Director: Alfonso Gordillo & Tobias Straka
  • September 2018 | PH Zurich / Student / Production: Filmgerberei / Director: Thomas Sabel
  • August 2017 | Amorana / Main role  / Production: Shining Pictures / Director: Paulus Bruegmann


  • March 2016 | Feature Lenght Film 'Die göttliche Ordnung' / Minor Role / Production: Zodiac Pictures / Director: Petra Volpe

Short Films: 

  • October 2018 | Short Film 'Geklaut' / Girlfriend / Production: Eyevomfilms / Director: Matyas Fabian
  • November 2016 | Short Film 'Das Geständnis' / Protagonist / Director: Simon Braun

Music Videos:

  • November 2017 | Music Video 'Flower Girl'/ Young  Protagonist / Singer: Sophie-Louise / Director: Julian Spiess


  • 2018 | Tanzwerk3011 / Shownight 2018 in Worb / Choreography: Dome&Dome
  • 2016-2017 | Member of NeXt Dance Company / Swiss Championship / Choreography: Chantal Kramer


  • September 2018 |  Talentscreen Awards / winner young creator advancement award acting

Acting School and Workshops:

  • November 2018 | Workshop Acting Pro / Filmkids / Jessy Moravec & Tizia Florence
  • March-April 2018 | Casting Training Seminar / 'Zentrum für Entwicklung im Schauspiel' /  Marco Hausammann-Gilardi
  • 07.04.18 | Workshop Intensive: 'Marketing as an Artist' / NIU Artist / Silvio Wey
  • September 2016-June 2017 | SAMTS (StageArt Musical & Theatre School) / Patrick Biagioli

Acting classes:

  • April-June 2016 | Private Acting Class at 'Studio Bühne Bern' with Gaby Rabe and Roland Berner


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Nicole Beutler was born in Bern, Switzerland, and is now 23 years old. Already as a teenager she was fascinated by art and started dancing and writing stories at the age of 13. In high school she first discovered the art of acting while playing the main character at her school play and was fascinated by this form of expression right away.  

After high school she enrolled in the école supérieure de commerce in La Neuveville, a multi-langual business school, where she graduated from in 2014. 

After her graduation she decided to take some time off and traveled to Los Angeles, where she rediscovered her love and passion for acting. She decided to pursue this passion as a professional career.

After that, nothing could stop her! When she came back to Switzerland, Nicole auditioned and got accepted at the SAMTS in Zurich. She studied acting from September 2016 until June 2017 at the Stage Art Musical and Theatre School. Meanwhile Nicole got several roles in music videos, short films and commercials, where she was able to show off her talent in acting. In September 2018 Nicole won a young creator advancement award in acting at the Talent Screen Awards.

It is her goal to go to an acting school in Los Angeles to be able to work as an actress internationally. Nicole now dances at the Tanzwerk3011 in Bern and writes scripts for short film and feature length films. Her first short film will be shot in Spring 2019 and released in summer 2019.